IPRoyal Pawns – Share your internet connection and make passive income

IPRoyal Pawns – Share your internet connection and make passive income

I recently came across this opportunity that allows you to share your internet connection and get paid for it. You pay for your bandwidth already; it’s time to get some of that money back!

I already made $1 in 4 hours of installing it. And the best part – they let you cash out at $1 (via Paypal or Payoneer).

Using the same basis as HoneyGain (but more secure), IPRoyal is an app that allows you to share your bandwidth with businesses to gather web statistics and protect their intellectual property. For example, if a company wants to check local prices or make sure an ad campaign they started in your country is showing up where needed, they’ll use your internet connection to check.

After signing up, you download the app. That’s it! You can leave it running in the background and go about your day. The dashboard keeps you informed on how much traffic you “sold” and how much money you’ve earned.

In terms of security, it is completely safe as they verify each client that wants to use your internet connection via their app. The app itself has no access to your storage and does not gather any personal data. They use only the information needed to make the service work – IP address, network speed, and location. All traffic is fully encrypted, so there are no compromises in terms of privacy.

If you want to check it out, this is their website: https://iproyal.com/

And if you would like to help a brother out and thank me for this giving you this tip, you can use my affiliate link to register: https://iproyal.com/pawns?r=stroiny

Thank you and happy earnings!

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